Our vision is to improve the lives of communities in Zimbabwe and
create alternative incomes for them.� 

"Zimbabwe is my home. Driving past several rural areas in between my factories, I saw a lot of Marula just lying under the trees, going to waste. I knew in that moment I needed to study and do something about this"

Anirudh Ganediwal, MD

Zambezi Naturals was established with the vision to improve the lives of communities in Zimbabwe and create alternative incomes for them.

As a result, we have created over 50 jobs and more than 2,000 harvesters are involved across all our supply chains

We aim to achieve this by adding value to the natural resources found on their communal lands without disrupting the environment.
Zambezi Naturals is a SEDEX affiliated company.� 

Our parent company Parrogate, is a major producer of vegetable oils for local markets across southern and eastern Africa since 2004


We take pride in our relationship with the traditional leaders to organise collection outside of harvesting times, and to ensure no contamination with any of the pesticides that are used by the authorities as part of their malaria prevention programme.
We secure large quantities of Marula "stones". They are warehoused under optimum conditions and we can draw down quantities to meet the requirements of our customers around the globe.


We know the importance of a consistent supply.
We know that manufacturers rely on their suppliers for on time deliveries in full. To meet this expectation we have invested in systems that ensure a consistent supply.


Marula is a stone fruit, native only to some African countries and found nowhere else in the world. The fruit has traditionally been consumed directly or used to make traditional alcohol relished by the local communities. The stones are cracked for nuts, which are either consumed as a source of nutrition or pressed to extract oil used in cooking or to moisture the skin.
We have set up Marula collection programmes in Zimbabwe, where we buy Marula from the communities whose primary source of income is from subsistence farming.
We purchase the Marula stones from these communities after their harvest season is complete so as to avoid disrupting their natural harvesting patterns. This generates an alternate source of income for them.
Our commitment is for every $1 of marula that we purchase from them we will responsibly invest $1 into community development projects. Programmes such as solar lighting, community wells and other infrastructure development projects that the entire community benefits from.


All of our marula oil is certified organic by Ecocert.
Furthermore we carry out regular pesticide analysis of the oil to ensure that it is pesticide free.

Traditionally used in foods and health remedies in across southern Africa, marula oil has great properties in cosmetics:
Anti-aging, Beautifully conditioned skin, Healthy and conditioned hair.

We ship worldwide in bulk and small packs. For your orders, please contact us.

David F.



With its high content of oleic fatty acid, marula oil belongs to a unique family of high oleic vegetable oils known for their cosmetic benefits including Olive oil, Avocado oil, Sweet almond oil and Peach kernel oil.


At Zambezi Naturals we count on the expertise and experience of our parent company to ensure that the quality of our marula oil is alway optimum. We offer three grades: (1) cold pressed (2) filtered unrefined and (3) RBD (refined, bleached and deodorised)


Traceability is very important to us, not only to ensure optimum quality of our organic certified marula oil but also as the foundation of our social and environmental programme.
We know the people in our supply chains and they know us.





Business can be a force for good, and our belief is that we can provide top quality products sourced from disadvantaged communities and improve their quality of life.

The Marula community programme is built around the lives and livelihoods of the people who are primarily involved with subsistence farming.

Our program came to life with the prime motive to generate an alternative source of income for these communities.
Our infrastructure projects are aimed at benefitting not only the harvesters but also their children and their families and the whole community. Our commitment is for every $1 of marula that we purchase from them we will responsibly invest a $1 into community development projects.


We are ethically responsible and committed towards� conserving our environment.

We are 100% committed to zero waste.
We plan to set up a foundation that uses some of the profits from our company to protect forests in these areas and enhance conservation of biodiversity working with local farmers and their families.
We already make Biochar from what remains of the stone after removing the kernel. This product is an alternative source of firewood fulfilling our commitment to reduce deforestation and provide a sustainable source of energy for these communities.

We are ethically responsible and committed towards conserving our environment.

To be more specific we have calculated that : On an energy basis, 1kg biochar is equivalent to 1.5kg of firewood.
One tree (18 inches diameter and 23 feet tall) produces 885kg of firewood. Using 550kg of Biochar instead of 885kg firewood saves one tree from being cut down.� 


We are committed to being an ethical company. We demand the highest standards of ethical behaviour and social and environmental responsibility from ourselves and from our relationships with all of our suppliers and other stakeholders. We are starting on this journey and have set ambitious targets to improve our results through committed actions across our supply chains, where we can have the most impact. Our values, our strong commercial and technical performance, as well as the results we have already achieved in the communities differentiate us.
We have forged strong bonds with the harvesters and their families in the communal lands of Zimbabwe. We are striving to improve the success of our business because our success translates into improved livelihoods for those families, and social and environmentally responsible development for the whole community.� 


We look forward to hearing from you.�